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QCA7450: 500+ Mbps HomePlug AV-based IC

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  • 500+ Mbps HomePlug AV-based IC.

    The demands of connectivity are growing, but the house is ready to rock thanks to Powerline technology from Qualcomm. Copper power wiring provides the most flexible and scalable spectrum available, capable of reaching virtually any location in any house.
    Powerline taps this hidden resource to access today’s high performance applications and devices, so everyone can experience the magic. And every home can be a digital home. Qualcomm AMP. Performance is in the house.
    Qualcomm is committed to addressing the dramatically expanding connectivity requirements of the digital home. The QCA7450 is the latest in Qualcomm’s AMP Powerline solutions portfolio and is compliant to IEEE 1901/ HomePlug AV specifications and pre-compliant to HomePlug AV2 SISO specification. This sixthgeneration chipset delivers carrier-grade broadband communications over power lines. For consumers and service providers, QCA7450 technology enables fast, wired networking within a home using the home’s existing electrical wiring. It also enables last-mile broadband access in multi-dwelling units without interference. The QCA7450 delivers PHY rates of up to 600 Mbps for faster time-on-wire, while delivering up to 250 Mbps of application throughput over its powerline backbone, providing greater network capacity in multinode installations.
    The QCA7450 is a Powerline Communications (PLC) transceiver IC. This IC is the first in a family of HomePlug AV2 compliant solutions from QCA and delivers best-in-class performance at greater cost efficiencies in rBOM. The chipset operates over a wide spectrum (2 MHz to 68 MHz), delivering upto 600 MbpsMbps resulting in the delivery of high-quality, high-resolution A/V over powerlines.
    The QCA7450 includes a complete IEEE 1901 and HomePlug AV2 pre-compliant MAC and PHY, RGMII host The QCA7450 includes high-precision A/D (Analog-to-Digital) and D/A (Digital-to-Analog) converters required for analog interface to the AR1540 AFE/Line Driver IC. The companion chip is the AR1540 Line Driver IC. The AR1540 Line Driver IC includes a Tx filter, a programmable-gain line driver and a programmable-gain Rx amplifier. The amplifier programmability allows signal optimization and multi-region support to reduce complexity in global product designs.
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