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Welcome to our community site We appreciate every visit and wish to provide all relevant information about Qualcomm Atheros products. We would like to inform you that the website operates completely without any official support from Qualcomm.


Welcome to our community website This is the historically oldest project in our portfolio and dates back to 2004, when unlicensed localized technical support for Atheros products was provided in the Czech Republic. Technical support was provided until February 1, 2008, when it changed to an email-only helpdesk that operated until late 2010, when Atheros was acquired by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
Since then, we provide technical support only to a limited extent according to the available knowledge, which of course gradually increases thanks to your questions. Even if the manufacturer no longer communicates with us, we try to provide current and compatible versions of drivers for Microsoft Windows. If you have any technical questions regarding current and legacy Atheros products and Qualcomm products, please write to us in our forum at
You can also find some specialized drivers on our other community project

About Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Qualcomm does not offer support or drivers to end consumers. Qualcomm sells Integrated Circuits (IC’s) to module manufacturers or other Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) and under contractual obligations cannot offer end user support. For issues regarding configuration and usage of your product, please contact the OEM's technical support department. We suggest you refer to the manufacturer’s website, as they typically offer online technical support pages where software drivers, updates, and other related information can be obtained. You need to contact the OEM of your equipment directly as we are unable to support our chips once the manufacture has modified them for their particular use.


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Latest Atheros drivers

Version OS Date Downloads Win 10 2020-12-21 154260× Win 10 2020-11-19 4672× Win 10 2020-08-24 1244× Win 10 2020-08-24 364× Win 10 2020-07-09 759× Win 10 2020-06-18 62702× Win 10 2020-05-21 702× Win 10 2020-04-27 5082× Win 10 2020-03-08 966× Win 10 2020-01-20 1252×

Top 10 Atheros Drivers

Version OS Date Downloads Win 10 2018-09-03 1995481× Win 7 2015-09-17 1054561× WXP 2010-11-09 1033299× Win 10 2017-11-22 1016925× Win 7 2016-01-29 946709× Win 7 2015-03-11 918138× Win 7 2010-10-22 878221× Win 8 2013-12-24 835123× Win 10 2015-11-26 750782× Win 7 2013-08-09 737375×

Top 10 Atheros Datasheets

Chipset Type Date Downloads
AR9485 PDF 2013-11-07 28156×
AR9285 PDF 2010-10-26 27069×
AR8031 PDF 2013-10-21 10511×
AR9287 PDF 2013-11-04 7490×
AR9462 PDF 2013-11-07 7163×
AR9331 PDF 2010-12-21 6725×
AR8035 PDF 2013-10-21 6559×
AR9002WB-1NGB PDF 2009-09-14 6346×
AR5007EG PDF 2006-12-01 4974×
AR9285 PDF 2010-10-17 4202×

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