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PDF Release 2013-10-29 [October '13]
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AR9004WB-1NG: Industry's first and greenest 802.11n and Bluetooth 4.0 design on Half-Mini Card

  • Datasheets for AR9004WB-1NG / Datenblätter für AR9004WB-1NG / Fiches techniques pour AR9004WB-1NG
  • Hojas de datos para AR9004WB-1NG / Folhas de dados para AR9004WB-1NG
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  • Industry's first and greenest 802.11n and Bluetooth 4.0 design on Half-Mini Card.

    Product Overview
    With the growing demand for both WLAN and Bluetooth in portable PCs, Qualcomm has combined its latest 1-stream 11n and Bluetooth solutions, which is software-upgradable to Bluetooth 4.0. The AR9004WB-1NG delivers the WLAN performance of its AR9485 (the greenest 1-stream 11n solution) and the robust personal are connectivity of its AR3012 Bluetooth solution (supporting Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, 3.0+High Speed, and 4.0 +Low Energy. It is the industry’s first combo solution to support Bluetooth 4.0, which extends Bluetooth connectivity to sensors and other coin battery-powered devices.

    Qualcomm Universal Wireless Cooperation
    Qualcomm's new WLAN and Bluetooth combo solution goes beyond coexistence to enable cooperation between WLAN, Bluetooth and even 3G technologies co-located on PC platforms. To support this new level of radio coexistence, Qualcomm has engineered a suite of advanced wireless techniques to deliver Qualcomm Universal Wireless Cooperation, consisting of channel protection and timesharing mechanisms, custom 3G coexistence optimization, and Qualcomm’s proprietary WLAN/Bluetooth Coexistence Agent.

    Cost Effective, Highly Integrated Technology
    AR9004WB-1NG slashes the costs of adding Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to computing platforms. By combining WLAN and Bluetooth on a single board, the AR9004WB-1NG offers RBOM reduction vs. separate WLAN and Bluetooth boards. The single board design enables sharing of elements such as the PCB and antennas to reduce duplication. The unmatched silicon integration of AR9485 and AR3012 eliminates the need for external power amplifiers, low-noise amplifiers (LNAs), a transmit/receive switch and several other components to reduce bill of material (BOM) costs by up to 30 percent, compared to previous solutions.

    Greenest Power Combo Solution
    AR9004WB-1NG offers the industry’s lowest power consumption – 30 to 50 percent lower than comparable solutions. Such significant power savings are the result of Qualcomm’s enhanced PHY architecture, 55nm design and efficient power amplifiers. The new products also use a unique Green Transmission mode, which dynamically adjusts the system’s Wi-Fi transmitting power depending on the distance between the router and the client device.

    Wi-Fi Direct Support
    AR9004WB-1NG also includes Qualcomm Direct Connect™ peer-to-peer technology, which enables PCs to easily connect with Wi-Fi enabled printers, cameras, and other peripherals – without an access point or broadband connection. Direct Connect brings unprecedented convenience and simplicity to Wi-Fi devices and lets people do more with their wireless products.
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