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PDF Release 2013-10-17 [October '13]
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AR8030: Ultra low-power single RMII Fast Ethernet PHY

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  • Ultra low-power single RMII Fast Ethernet PHY

    AR8030 Product Overview
    The AR8030 is part of the Arctic family of PHYs – which also includes the AR8031, AR8033, and the AR8035. It is Qualcomm's 4th generation, single port 10/100 Mbps Ethernet PHY. It supports an RMII interface to the MAC with wide RGMII I/O voltage support from 1.5V to 3.3V.
    The AR8030 integrates Qualcomm latest ETHOS-Designed Green Ethernet (EDGE) power-saving technologies and significantly saves power in all operating and idle modes.
    Qualcomm EDGE power-savings include ultra-low-power in cable-unplugged mode or port power-down mode, and automatic optimized power-saving based on cable length. The AR8035 supports the latest IEEE 802.3az-2010, Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) standard with proprietary SmartEEE technology to improve energy efficiency in systems using legacy MAC devices without 802.3az support – enabling customers to fully realize the energy benefits of the new standard by just replacing the PHY devices in their designs.
    The AR8030 supports Wake-on-LAN (WoL), embeds CDT (Cable Diagnostics Test) technology on-chip and integrates a voltage regulator on chip, enabling it to operate from a single 3.3V supply. It reduces the termination R/C circuitry on both the MAC interface (RMII) and line side. The AR8030 provides a low-power, low BOM (bill-of-materials) solution for a wide range of applications – including consumer, enterprise, carrier and home network products such as set-top box, connected TV, printer, game console, xDSL/xPON CPE, telecom embedded system, voice and video phone, digital media player/eReader devices, and LAN-on-motherboard.
    The AR8030 supports co-layout with the AR8035 Gigabit Ethernet PHY.
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