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  • Datasheets for AR6003 / Datenblätter für AR6003 / Fiches techniques pour AR6003
  • Hojas de datos para AR6003 / Folhas de dados para AR6003
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AR6003: 1-stream 11n for Mobile

  • Datasheets for AR6003 / Datenblätter für AR6003 / Fiches techniques pour AR6003
  • Hojas de datos para AR6003 / Folhas de dados para AR6003
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  • 1-stream 11n for Mobile

    AR6003 Technology Overview
    The AR6003 is the third-generation Wi-Fi chip from Atheros optimized for the throughput, size, and energy efficiency needs of mobile and embedded devices. With its tiny footprint and energy-saving qualities, the AR6003 rounds out Atheros’ comprehensive Align® ecosystem of 1-stream 11n solutions, targeting smartphones, mobile gaming and portable CE devices.
    With increased data throughput capabilities offered by 11n, the AR6003 achieves up to 48 Mbps in the 2.4 GHz band in 20 Mhz mode, and an unprecedented 85 Mbps in the 5 GHz in 40 Mhz mode. The AR6003 features the lowest current consumption of any 11n mobile WLAN solution on the market today to significantly extend battery life, while supporting the power demands of transmitting large media files. The AR6003 also employs the company’s on-chip Efficient Power Amplifier™ (EPA) technology to reduce the power typically consumed by internal PAs, while delivering the output power of an external PA. The result is an average receive current consumption at 11n rates that is 20 percent lower than that of the AR6002, previously the industry’s lowest power mobile WLAN solution.
    The new ROCm® AR6003 enhances its rate-over-range performance above the coverage improvements inherent in the 802.11n MAC and PHY, by leveraging advanced optional 11n features such as Space Time Block Coding (STBC) and low density parity check (LDPC). In addition, the AR6003 features Atheros Universal Wireless Cooperation™, a suite of advanced wireless coexistence techniques to significantly enhance the simultaneous operation of WLAN and Bluetooth on a mobile device.
    Atheros has taken integration to a new level with the AR6003 to enable 11n-class performance in a wider variety of mobile handsets and handheld products. The AR6003 eliminates many external components compared to competitive mobile WLAN solutions. The solution features an integrated linearized, high-efficiency power amplifier. The result of this integration is the industry’s most compact standalone 11n solution, measuring a miniscule 5 mm x 5 mm – 50 percent smaller than the AR6002.
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