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PDF Release 2008-04-28 [April '08]
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AR1511: Single-chip GPS receiver delivering state-of-the-art Assisted GPS

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  • Single-chip GPS receiver delivering
    state-of-the-art Assisted GPS.

    AR1511 Technology Overview
    The Atheros AR1511 is a high-performance GPS solution, consisting of the tiny CMOS AR1511 GPS IC teamed with the powerful ORION v3.0 multi-mode navigation software.
    The AR1511 is a highly-integrated GPS receiver comprised of a single conversion RF front-end and a GPS baseband processor combined on a single die. The L1 RF front-end includes an on-chip low noise amplifier (LNA), and a configurable phase-locked loop (PLL) that supports six (6) TCXO frequencies. The AR1511 provides 20-channel GPS operation and is based on an optimized 16-bit DSP with a compact, embedded real-time operating system (RTOS).
    The ORION v3.0 Software is a powerful GPS navigation software package that supports hosted, autonomous, assisted-conventional, and single-fix Assisted-GPS (AGPS) modes while exceeding 3GPP AGPS performance requirements. ORION v3.0 also provides advanced acquisition algorithms to efficiently find weak GPS signals by utilizing the company\'s patent-pending third-generation search engine, enabling parallel searches and advanced tracking loops. These features allow ORION to quickly adapt to the dynamic conditions found in harsh urban canyons.
    For standalone mode, customers can now utilize our new stacked flash packaging, allowing them to make the most efficient use of board space while minimizing their board integration efforts. In the host-based configuration, the ORION v3.0 software has been designed to minimize burden on the host processor.
    With the AR1511, Atheros offers one of the highest performance, most cost-effective GPS solutions on the market today which also delivers on the size, power and cost requirements so important to our customers.
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